Brake Pad Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles and Light Commercial Cars

In all types of vehicles, the most important part of the brake system that ensures the safety of the vehicle is always brake pads. We produce all of the pwr lining types in the highest quality. Those who examine our site can see the types of brake pads according to the types of vehicles on our products page. When manufacturing brake pads, we calculate the friction coefficients and degrees of heating according to the characteristics of the vehicles. The pads that stop the vehicle in motion are the most important parts of the vehicles. We attach importance to safety and comfort while manufacturing brake pads.

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Heavy Vehicle

Hafif Ticari Balatalari

Light Commercial Vehicle

Pwr Brake Pad Products

You can see all our product range on our website where we provide information about our products and services. We diversify our products according to vehicle types under the category heading.

  • Heavy vehicles
  • Light commercial passenger car,

Brake pad production is made in all types according to this vehicle classification and according to the vehicle models in these classes. You can decide which of the pwr lining types you need according to the brand and model of your vehicle. As a brake lining manufacturer, we make all lining types with different features. It ensures that the pads have different properties such as hardness, durability, noise, degree of heating.

Light Commercial Passenger Car Brake Pad Types

Our company, as a brake pad manufacturer in the lining sector, produces pwr lining products for light commercial vehicles by modelling according to vehicle types. Light commercial passenger car brake pad types in the products section are as follows.

  • PWR 5000,
  • PWR 5001,
  • PWR 5002,
  • PWR 5003,

The vehicle brands and models for which each type of pad is used are different. On our products page, you can see which vehicles all types are suitable for and pad size information.

Brake Pad Types for Heavy Vehicles

The pwr lining types we produce for heavy vehicles consist of 25 different models. Each model is produced for different vehicle brands and models. As a domestic brake lining brand, we ensure that all heavy vehicles use quality and safe lining types. We produce organic or ceramic brake pad types that do not make noise when the brake pedal is pressed in heavy vehicles. Metal brake pads can be preferred by users in some vehicles because they start to make noise over time. Our heavy vehicle brake pad range consists of a total of 25 different types between PWR 5000 and PWR 5025 numbers. Users can choose according to the brands of heavy vehicle vehicles and lining size information.

Brake Pad Features

Pwr pad is always shown as the best quality brake pad brand. Our company determines what the best brake pad properties should be and makes all its production accordingly. Brake pads with high coefficient of friction are always the best pads. Brake pads should maintain their durability against temperature and their structure should not deteriorate. The quality pwr lining types we produce can withstand temperatures of about 800 degrees and cool down quickly. Since vehicles are used in different geographies, the brake pads used should not be affected by various foreign substances such as water and dust. Pads that do not make noise due to friction when using and do not damage the disc are always the best pads.

Change Periods of Brake Pads

All lining types that we show and carefully produce for light commercial passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles in our products section should be replaced every 40 thousand km on average according to the usage status of the vehicles. In our pwr lining factory productions, the service life of all lining types is determined as 40 – 50 thousand km. According to the condition of use in heavy vehicles, attention should be paid to the lining sound condition during braking and should be replaced immediately when necessary. Depending on the usage, some lining types may end before 40 km and only the metal part may remain.